Triways Marketing Sdn Bhd

was established in the year 2000 as a wholesale distributor specializing in daily supplies, food, and beverages. We have offered directly to retail food businesses as well as food wholesalers who will sell these products to retails. We take care of transporting, packaging, and delivering the products, making them available for sale.

Created in 2000, we represent more than 50 incredibly famous brands to meet consumers’ ever-changing necessities and demands. We distribute various products including coffee, snacks, candies, nuts, pet foods, baby diapers, chocolate, convenient noodles, imported goods, and even your necessities supply such as shower cream and toilet roll. We mainly supply these goods to basic food item chains, general stores, and hypermarkets across Peninsular Malaysia. It is also our guideline to show an astounding organization with our exchange accomplices.

Provide our customers with safe, good value, consistent and excellent quality service

In 2018, we have invested 8000 square feet of the plant to cope up with the rapid development to guarantee adequate supplies of food gracefully and offer our customers long-term price guarantee. By adopting a coordinated standard working method, we have enough working space for staff to move and complete our tasks. This generally requires having space designed for our factory in the following areas such as receiving new stock area, packing area, shipping station, and the main storage area. This keeps everything organized and speeds up our entire logistics operation which consequently brings about good sales of deals satisfaction. Our aim is to provide our customers with safe, good value, consistent, and excellent quality service.

We welcome any business opportunities to help you evaluate those needs and offer you the service that will help you achieve your new goals. Either you are looking for a wholesale merchant to distribute your products or you need to purchase from us, please feel free to contact us or through email. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Our team

Sales Team – Our sales team definitely requires extensive product knowledge and skill at talking to customers and experience at sales. Plus, our sales personnel have more than 8 years’ experience, which means we are able to establish and maintain positive business and customer relationships. We tend to have excellent selling, communication, and negotiation skills and even can perform cost-benefit and needs analysis of existing customers to meet their needs. We will also find new sales or visiting new or existing customers.

Customer Care Team – We create our customer care team in order to listen to our customers’ needs and answer any questions they might have, and communicate why having the product would be of benefit to them. Also, we have selected our personnel that able to speak in a friendly manner to customers and have a positive attitude and continue forward is important in this type of work.

Logistics and Warehouse Team – We have our supervisors to support overall performance and efficiency by monitoring KPIs throughout the shipping, receiving, and warehousing process. We tend to review and revise these KPIs based on many factors, including order quantity and personnel levels. We ensure ensuring that changes in inventory are accurately recorded in internal supply chain frameworks. In the case of any inventory discrepancy, we will confer with our team members and across departments to determine the source of the issue and resolve it. We maintain safety within the warehouse that is free of clutter and other hazards.

  • Mission

    To achieve the highest quality, customer care, respect, and provide a good value of products to our customers at a competitive price.
  • Vision

    To turn into the world's preferred supply chain company, applying knowledge, service quality, and advancement to make reasonable development for business and society
  • Value


    Trustworthiness, Responsibility, Innovation, Worthiness, Achievement, Youthful, Success